Twisted Alchemy

Why just make a drink when you can make magic?

At Twisted Alchemy, they curate juices for the most discerning of palates. Their measure of success is based entirely upon helping operators realize the most innovative and inspiring handcrafted cocktails imaginable.

How do they deliver on this promise?

By cold-pressing the ripest fruits available: Brix & pH curated fruit contracts guarantee reliably sweet produce, much riper & more consistent than is available to foodservice distributors (who contract by count per box/pallet rather than the brix of the juice). This is a difference you can see. Twisted Alchemy uarantees specs for each juice, and batch Brix, pH, & origin is printed on each bottle.

With innovative & proprietary pressing equipment: gently crushing fruits at 1/3 the speed of traditional citrus presses, yielding pristine oil-free juice like you would produce in-house.

With HPP technology: The untreated juice is bottled, and their High-Pressure Process begins: filled, sealed bottles are packed into a steel cylinder where they are submerged in cold water, then pistons press down on the water, subjecting the bottles to very high external pressure. Any of the yeasts and bacteria which would otherwise begin spoiling house-pressed juice immediately, are killed in this process, yielding juice with up to 120 days of refrigerated shelf life. Even once opened, the juices have more than five days of shelf life since they are not filled with spoilage microbes like kitchen juice. 

Twisted Alchemy never uses heat or any additives of any kind. 100% juice: perfect for bar, banquet, and culinary applications. A one-to-one replacement for fresh squeezed juice. Labor-free, waste-free & riper then the fruit you’re already juicing. It is very, very cool. Product of the year at Tales of the Cocktail 2017.