Talley Vineyards

“Harvest season is the time of year when we focus on the two key elements of our mission: to make and share distinctive wines that capture the special character of our place. ‘To make’ conjures up the physical acts of harvesting, crushing and pressing grapes, of the magic of fermentation, of racking juice and wine to barrels for graceful aging. In fact, harvest is just one step (albeit a critical one) in our annual winegrowing endeavor which started back in January when we pruned the vines, and which will end in two years when the wines of 2017 leave our care.
“‘To share’ is the other core tenant of our mission and an important milestone occurs every fall when we release our Single Vineyard Selection Pinot Noirs. On September 1, the 2015 Stone Corral, East Rincon, Rincon and Rosemary‚Äôs Vineyard Pinot Noirs will be released, and the process that began more than two years ago, will culminate as these wines pass from our cellar to you.
“My hope is, the wines we share now bring you the pleasure in their enjoyment commensurate with our pride in their making.


– Brian Talley


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