Steelhead Vineyards

Under the direction of consulting winemaker Hugh Chappelle, Steelhead Vineyards crafts award-winning, terroir driven wines reflective of their Sonoma and North Coast home. Steelhead Vineyards has two goals: to create outstanding wine and to help maintain and restore the environment. They partner with select vineyards across California’s pristine North Coast to craft wines of beautiful balance and depth.

Steelhead Vineyards is dedicated to water conservation and support projects through 1% For The Planet and Trout Unlimited, donating 1% of Sales to fund the restoration of Steelhead habitats. Steelhead proudly supports Trout Unlimited’s outreach to grape growers in Northern California Wine Country to adopt water management practices that restore and reconnect critical salmon and steelhead habitat on their properties, including water supply solutions, stream restoration, and public awareness.