Le Grand Courtâge

A few years ago, Tawnya Falkner took the leap and gave up her career as a designer/developer in San Francisco to move to Nuits St.-Georges in Burgundy, France to follow her passion relating to travel, food & making wine. The result is Le Grand Courtâge, a new gold-medal winning French sparkling wine.

Long ago, when a boat left on a long voyage, it was referred to as a “courtâge” and it is from this that the name originates. These wines are about the negotiations as we journey through life. Intended to mean “the Great Courtship”, the approach was to combine hundreds of years of grape growing experience with progressive blending techniques. Le Grand Courtâge is a “courtship” between French and American wine culture, the old and new world, grapes from different terroirs; and it is the “courtship” of life and love.

The motto at Le Grand Courtâge is ‘Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept all Invitations.‘ and to that end, their goal is to provide an affordable luxury that is perfect for “courting life” and celebrating its special occasions, as well as all of the simple everyday moments in between.