Deeply rooted in the mineralized soils of Agrelo region, nourished by the pure water of the Andes Mountain Range, and embraced by the unique sun exposure of this corner of the world, every vintage a surprise with clusters fully laden with sensations.

Lamadrid arises from a delicate balance between the work in the vineyard and the winemaking process done in their cutting-edge winery. Their style, their identity is defined by unfiltered wines blended with a percentage of bleed off to enhance them, by 80-year-old vineyards that produce young wines, and by the combination of old oenology techniques and new technological practices.

Truly skilled people work in both the vineyards and the winery, and Guillermo García Lamadrid and Hector Durigutti, master winemaker and general manager, devote a lot of time and effort in those areas. Durigutti and García Lamadrid have developed a close working relationship and friendship, crucial elements for the success of Lamadrid brand.


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