Hammeken Cellars

Hammeken Cellars is a modern Spanish winery like no other you have known! Specializing in modern Spanish wines and well-established in the global wine industry since 1996, Hammeken Cellars is dedicated to introducing the world to the grape varietals that have deep set roots in the history of Spain; where each varietal can tell a very unique story about the country’s history.

A collaboration between cellar master & entrepreneur Nicholas Hammeken and Director of Winemaking David Tofterup, both originally from Denmark. Hammeken Cellars began as one man’s dream and has expanded to a global enterprise exporting more than 1.5 million cases of Spanish wine each year. 

Yes, Hammeken Cellars is dedicated to the traditional varietals of Spain, but in no way should they  be confused with the traditional Spanish wine profile as they represent a new Spain, a youthful Spain, a Spain you should become acquainted with!


Visit them online at hammekencellars.com