My romance with wine began many years ago on bicycle trips with Goldie and our family through the great wine regions of France, Italy and California. Those fabulous excursions through picturesque vineyards provided the opportunity to sample many terrific wines. “Sampling” might be putting it lightly, especially where Burgundy is concerned. Those wines didn’t just steal my palate, they stole my heart. It wasn’t long before the dream of creating beautiful wines of my own (specifically Pinot Noir) was born. The many treasured conversations I’ve shared with various winemakers and producers from Burgundy to Bordeaux and Tuscany to Napa served to fuel my dream to someday take the leap from fantasy to reality.

– Kurt Russell

Soon thereafter, Kurt was introduced to Peter and Rebecca Work, owners of Ampelos Cellars in the Sta. Rita Hills. Ampelos is the country’s first winery to be certified Organic, Biodynamic, and S.I.P. (Sustainability in Practice, a Central Coast certification program). The Works are not big media consumers, had no idea who Kurt Russell was, and were not about to help a ‘celebrity’ slap a label onto their wine and walk away. Little did they know, Kurt was all-in. From harvest to crush, punchdowns to racking, blending, bottling, and finishing, Kurt literally has his hands in every step of the process.

Named “GoGi” for a childhood nickname of Kurt’s, each wine bears the nickname of a member of the family, from the “Goldie” Chardonnay to the “Tiger” Pinot.

GoGi wines. For your pleasure.

gogi 03

gogi 02

gogi 01

Visit them at gogiwines.com