Frisk is represented by an eclectic team of winemakers located in Australia and California who believe wine is for enjoying. Period. Full stop. They don’t try to baffle you with terms you’ve never heard of or flavors that have no business in a bottle of wine. They make delicious wine with a unique prickle to it. If it tastes a bit like nectarines, they’ll tell you “this tastes a bit like nectarines.” If it tastes a little like limes, or minerals? That’s what they’ll say. Frisk wines are grown in decidedly different climes. High in the Alpine Valleys of Australia. Or deep in the verdant plains of Lodi, California. Places a little cooler, or sunnier, or steeper, or more obscure than the places one would expect winemakers go, because Frisk’s Brilliantly Conceived Master Plan consists of Being Where The Grapes Grow Best and making wines that reflect that.

Hanging out with the cellar crew after a particularly long shift, the Frisk team had an impromptu blind tasting. As the intern reached for his first glass, he inadvertently grabbed the boss, who said, “What’s this, mate? You tasting wine, or frisking me?” Nervous laughter all around.

He eventually located his glass, and claimed he liked the way it “prickled his palate.” The team had a taste for themselves, and agreed. Looked to the boss, who also agreed. Winery intern redeemed. Relieved laughter all around.

And so it was that hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars were not spent trying to come up with a name for the wine. It feels right. And it’s fun to say.