Chambers Rosewood Vineyards

Now celebrating more than 150 years since settling in Rutherglen, the family still operates from the original site. The laconic Bill Chambers is often to be found at the cellar door over the weekends but it is his son Stephen who now makes the wine. Stephen took over the winemaking function in 2001 and is Rosewood’s 6th generation.

The first thing you notice on arriving is the impressive array of bottles on the tasting bar, with more than 30 different wines, including many lesser-known wines such as Muscadelle, Blue Imperial and Chasselas in the line up. Look out for a particularly interesting variety called Gouais which is a parent plant of Chardonnay.

Rosewood’s gnarled old low-yielding vines, many of which are more than 100 years old, yield fruit brimming with highly concentrated flavours for their world renowned Muscat, Tokay and Port styles.

This small winery is truly a treasure trove and not to be missed.