Aquinas wines are named for St. Thomas Aquinas, the seminal 13th century Italian priest, theologian and philosopher who dedicated his life to reconciling reason and faith. Just as Thomas Aquinas challenged the assumptions of his world, the team at Aquinas Napa Valley is challenging the assumptions within theirs.

Aquinas wines are born from the belief that sophisticated, luxurious wines from pre-eminent appellations should be within the reach of all. The winemakers at Aquinas meticulously scour Napa Valley, leveraging generations of deep relationships to find the perfect fruit. Then, they pull upon decades of award-winning winemaking—-itself an inherent blend of science and mysticism—-to create wines that transcend their temporal origins.

Despite their accessibility, or perhaps because of it, Aquinas wines have been well-received by critics across the country. A string of gold and silver medals has served to further underscore the Aquinas team’s faith in their founding convictions.