How intermittent fasting helps in weight loss

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a human process of fasting and eating in regular intervals. This is a cyclic pattern where you eat and fast. There is no particular type of food or fluid that you’re required to eat. It is just an easting pattern between eating and fasting. It is often said that this type of eating pattern helps in weight loss, but not for all. You need to get into a regular and a cyclic pattern of eating and fasting. This is the catch. Following this pattern is not easy. This involves eating a certain amount of calories per day/per week which will help you loose weight. So you can say that this is more of a dieting pattern rather than following a particular diet.

Pattern 1 of intermittent fasting involves a particular type of process for eating food.

The amount of calories you consume in a day

Though science and researches say that it helps in weight loss. But let us see here that does it really do so? So basically, you eat in intervals, followed by few hours of non eating sessions (fasting). You have smaller eating windows and smaller eating portions through out the day and longer fasting sessions. Here, for instance, let us say that if you’re eating a certain amount of calories per day, you need to restrict your diet for the following day. If you are consuming 400 to 500 calories per day, you need to cut your calorie intake for the next day. This will limit your calorie intake too. This is one method by which you can reduce your weight.

Limit your time period of consuming food

Secondly, you can limit or cut short your time period. For instance if you are eating your meals between 9 am to 9 pm, limit your time and your meals. This is how effective intermittent fasting will be. Results have shown that intermittent fasting actually reduces fat, curbs your diet with regular following of this pattern, increases your metabolism rate, reduces or you can say, it gradually lowers your blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

For best results

If you want better and improved results from periodic fasting, you need to limit your diet. I personally tried this, so I can say that this actually works wonders for you in your weight loss sessions. Normally, people are of the view that fasting and dieting does not actually work. Simple reason is that they do not want to work hard on themselves. Some people want an easy way out – to grab those supplements. For most, this is the simple way out to reduce and burn fat. But rather than depending on supplements all the time, it gets better if you get your hands on this periodic weight loss session.

You might take a bit of time initially, but when you are able to regulate your meals and diet plans, nothing seems easier than this. In the very beginning, you’ll be able to abstain all odd hours but then it will not be too pretty to do so. Your mind will gradually make you go this way – “you’re hungry…’re hungry….” These are all food obsessed thoughts that will rack uo your mind. So this can end abruptly in a few days.

Researchers exhort and comment that one can start doing it few days in a week and then can increase it. Whereas others suggest to gradually increase the number of hours you fast from 12 hours to 14 hours will work for you. Yet other group of researchers says that fasting isn’t meant for all. And this actually holds true to some extent. Fasting and diet plans are not for all. Still today, there are number of people who depend a lot rather who depend entirely on weight loss supplements.

In study, it was stated that there was a bunch of people who participated for a month in a survey. This was between those who approved intermittent fasting to be best way towards weight loss, while the others who said that Rapid Tone Dietwork best for them. Though nothing much was concluded in this survey. Both the group of people had their own opinion towards their weight loss journey.

So you can actually say that both have their won effects on different people. Intermittent fasting is a little gradual process in weight loss while these supplements work within a few days only.